Working with EEESafe s Regulatory Standard in Electrical Safety in Repair/Reuse of White Goods

Welcome to our updated Independent Appliance Safety Register.At the moment we are undertaking new development work. We expect to open our doors soon which will be closely followed by the launch of our new EEESafe website. All previous household and landlord Registrants will be put into the new system automatically and will be able to take advantage of the new features.As well as monitoring your home safety, you will be able to utilise many features and services that benefit your community, which includes:

  • Easy disposal and/or donation/sales of used appliances that are Recall Checked.

  • Dedicated links to Community EEESafe Domestic Appliance Technicians. (DATs).

  • Creation of and Access to Community Recycled Appliance Spares.

  • Support for Landlords or Social Housing to cover safety in all their properties.

  • Community Alerts for Appliance Donations and Sales where you live.

  • Access to and creation of Recycled Material Groups to benefit your community.

  • Creation of our EEESafe Community Currency to help tackle local poverty.

  • Opportunity to Operate a Community Model where you live that includes revenue for your neighbours.

Working with EEESafe means "Doing Good Things, Tackling Poverty and Climate Change, Improving the Environment through Waste Prevention and creating local work."